Why therapy

Do you sometimes feel life is overwhelming? Do you feel your mind is a jumble and you over think everything? Do you get angry easily? Are you overly self-critical? Have you suffered a recent bereavement and feel everything is too much?  Some problems in your life may feel tolerable whereas others feel overwhelming and unmanageable. Therapy can help you uncover and understand your feelings and behaviours. 

Your emotional wellbeing is something that is important to look after. After all, if you had backache you would get that looked at, focusing on mental health is also important. Making time for reflecting on mental health and talking about thoughts can help process complex emotions.

Mental health carries less of a stigma than years ago, however there is still a fair way to go. Many still view therapy as something you only do when in a crisis, but that is a misconception. Of course therapy is helpful if you are suffering a crisis, but it is also beneficial for anyone at any point in their life. People, especially those in emotional pain, don’t need fixing. They need to be allowed space to grow.  

How can talking to someone who doesn’t know me help?

Often people face feelings of shame, fear of being judged for their feelings, or worry about hurting those around them if they were to share how they felt. Friends and family can be well meaning, but we can feel they can’t understand us. This can lead to people withdrawing from friends and loved ones. 

Grounded in dialogue, therapy provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly with someone who’s objective, neutral and non-judgmental. This neutral space allows exploration of how you have become tangled up and a place to learn how to untangle yourself. It’s a place to gain a better understanding of your inner world and your relationships. We will work together to identify and change the thought and behaviour patterns that are keeping you from feeling your best.